Yava Labs Carnitine Shots – Orange


  • 3000 L-CARNITINE
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Energy and Performance: During and after intense exercise or endurance training sessions, our Carni Shot fast-acting formula with amino acids will assist your muscles and boost your energy levels. These workout shots also improve mental clarity, encourage exercise recovery, and maintain a healthy environment for lean muscle development and maintenance, all of which contribute to a leaner body and a number of other health advantages.

Free of stimulants fat burner A non-essential amino acid called L-carnitine aids in the transfer of long-chain fatty acids into cells and facilitates their use as energy. Our L-Carnitine shots are a potent workout supplement for both men and women since they naturally boost fat reduction and help to preserve muscle during exercise. Enjoy a clean energy boost that is free of carbohydrates and sugar.Promotes Muscle Recovery: After exercise or a session, our liquid carnitine helps to lessen muscle discomfort and damage. These stim-free liquid injections also aid in extending training endurance, delaying the onset of exercise-induced exhaustion, increasing power output, and speeding up recovery to boost skeletal muscle work capacity.

Yava Labs Carni shots include mouthwatering flavors like Cherry and Lemon that were used in their formulation to guarantee that they could please any palette.

To help you obtain energy from fat rather than muscle before and after workouts, Yava Labs L-Carnitine injections may be utilized as a pre-workout supplement enhancer. L-carnitine weight loss beverages help the body by preventing lactic acid from building up in your muscles, allowing you to exercise longer and recover more quickly afterward.