Startupers Python Coder Spinach Smothie


“Python Coder” Spinach Power for a Hungry Programmer


Our spinach & kiwi fruit flavour is unique and mysterious for the complex taste of humanity.
A ready-to-eat meal offering 8g of plant-based protein and 74 essential minerals.
Perfect for breakfastlunch or anytime you need a nutritious meal that’s delicious.

Full of  spinach, kiwi fruit & seeds.



Elevate your daily life with wholesome Startuper’s Smoothies to support your optimal health and see your ambitions, mood and results flourishing!


✔️ Feel full for up to 3 hours

✔️ Natural fruit base with nutrient-rich ingredients

✔️ Crunchy effect – The addition of seeds activates chewing and digestive system)⁠

✔️ Daily dose of 74 ionic minerals important for your health (magnesium, calcium, zinc etc.)⁠

✔️ Natural proteins & prebiotic fibers help promote a healthy weight and support the body‘s natural detox process

✔️ Excellent replacement for all unhealthy fast-food alternatives

✔️ Fits even in the tiniest bags or sections of a backpack!

✔️ Shelf-life of 18 months. No refrigeration needed.⁠

✔️ Certified by GRAS, Halal, Vegan.

Python Coder – Spinach Power for a Hungry Programmer

✔️ Spinach & Kiwi

✔️ 8 g of protein

✔️ 212 cal

Ingredients: banana*, kiwi* 18,5%, lime juice (from concentrate*), Chia (Salvia hispanica) seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, oat protein*, sea salt, peppermint*.