Rabeko Protein Spread White Chocolate 330g


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Protein Spread White Choc 330g

RP Protein Spread White Choc is a delicious white chocolate spread that you can enjoy guilt-free. Rabeko has made the new recipe with no less than 89% less sugar! And that while maintaining the sweet and decadent chocolate taste. You can use the Chocolate Protein Spread responsibly for bread and rice cakes, in your shakes or through your oatmeal. But also on protein pancakes remains our favorite. A delicious dessert or sweet meal is so incredibly easy to make with the new recipe from Rabeko.

While you are enjoying the Chocolate Protein Spread you are also promoting your protein intake. This spread consists of no less than 20% proteins, which means that with every 30g serving, you get 6g of protein. These proteins can be used by your body to promote muscle growth. During your workouts, you break down your muscles, as it were. Because of all the tension that comes on your muscles, tears appear in your muscles. Your body then uses proteins to ‘repair’ the muscles again. With good recovery, supercompensation can even occur. This means that your body is making itself better than before the workout. This is how muscle growth occurs!

Product highlights:

  • Consists of no less than 20% protein.
  • A new recipe with 89% less sugar.
  • Tastes like delicious Belgian chocolate.

RP Protein Spread White Chocolate Ingredients:

Vegetable oils & fats (sunflower, shea, coconut), sweetener : maltitol, whey protein concentrate, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier : sunflower lecithin (E322), vanilla flavouring.


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