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PROTEIN WAFER is a delicious bar containing 32% of pure whey protein. Enjoy a real delicious wafer, like those from your childhood, with a smooth chocolate coating and a high protein content that will contribute to maintain and develop your muscle mass. Available in 2 flavours, they are the ideal partner for athletes who do not want to sacrifice the pleasure of taste while securing an extra supply of protein.

35 g 100 g
Energy 181 kcal/757 kJ 517 kcal/2162 kJ
Fat 9,3 g 26,5 g
– Saturates 5,4 g 15,5 g
Carbohydrates 13,1 g 37,3 g
– Sugars 8,5 g 24,3 g
Proteins 11,2 g 32 g


High quality protein

PROTEIN WAFER contains 32% high quality whey protein to nourish your muscles and promote their maintenance and development after training. When your body undergoes heavy physical stress, the muscle fibres involved in the effort suffer many micro tears that will need to be repaired. This is a normal process that – after a full recovery phase that involves the repair of these fibers – leads to an increase in muscle mass. This reconstruction is made possible if you guarantee a sufficient supply of protein with the diet. Athletes need a higher amount of protein than sedentary people, due to the high demands on the muscles caused by intense workouts. A PROTEIN WAFER bar provides all the protein needed by athletes and active people for a better recovery after workouts or competitions.


The perfect partner for your diet

Despite their chocolate coating, PROTEIN WAFER bars are the perfect partner for your diet, thanks to their balanced nutritional profile. Add this delicious snack to your diet and you will have all the nutrients you need to stay in shape without having to sacrifice taste.


Two amazing flavours

PROTEIN WAFER bars are available in two delicious flavours: Chocolate or Vanilla/Yoghurt. With exactly the same texture of standard wafer biscuits, PROTEIN WAFERS are a real treat after an intense training session or as a snack between meals. Thanks to their protein content, they are the ideal partner for all the athletes who want to nourish their muscles with high quality protein with a great taste!

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