QNT Tribulus Terrestris – 60 caps


  • Helps to increase the natural testosterone levels
  • Male virility


Natural plant considered as a food supplement, containing 72% of Tribulus Terrestris (40% of saponin). During the 1980s, Bulgarian athletes used Tribulus to improve their performance, without resorting to the use of doping products.

/100 g /2 caps
Valeur énergétique 73 kcal/308 kJ 4,3 kcal/1 kJ
Lipides 0 g 0 g
– acides gras saturés 0 g 0 g
Glucides 6,5g 0,09 g
– sucres 0,2 g <0,01 g
Protéines 11,93 g 0,16 g
Sel 0 g 0 g
Tribulus terrestris 71,43g 1000 mg




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