QNT Protein Cookie


  • 25% protein
  • Rich in fibers
  • No-guilt snack


  • 25 %Protein
  • 12 x 60 gWeight
  • 6 %Fibers

Imagine the perfect cookie with a soft and delicious texture, dozens of chocolate or salted caramel chips and all that with 25% of quality protein. QNT has done it by presenting you the Light Digest Protein Cookie. Succumb to the softest protein cookie, the dream snack of all athletes (beginners or experienced) and all active people.

You love cookies? We have reinvented the traditional cookie to adapt to your needs and make it even healthier. As delicious as ever, it has a high content of quality protein to assist you in your goals. Light Digest Protein Cookie is the perfect convenient easy-to-take wherever you go no-guilt snack.


Wait no longer to taste our delicious protein cookie available in 2 flavours that will tickle your taste buds: chocolate chips and salted butter caramel. This cookie’s perfect composition allows you to enjoy its flavour without feeling guilty. Rich in fiber and quality protein, it guarantees you an ideal nutritional intake to brave your days and your workouts in the best conditions.

Thanks to the protein content, this cookie is great to include in your routines to confront your workouts or the most intensive days. As protein is essential for the body, it promotes the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Protein in this Light Digest snack is very quickly absorbed into the body which facilitates smooth protein synthesis and helps strengthen and stimulate muscle fibers.

The 22% of protein present in these cookies will therefore support good health and muscle growth while promoting lean mass. Protein consumed will go directly to nourish lean mass at the expense of fat mass. Therefore, Light Digest Protein Cookies are great to indulge yourself while pursuing your weight loss goals. In addition, the fiber content also brings many benefits to your body by facilitating digestion.


Our tasty Light Digest Protein cookie will quickly become your favorite snack in conjunction to any of your athletic or weight loss goals. Ideal for everyone in a weight loss program, this cookie will become the preferred complement to your slimming goal thanks to its nutritional intakes ​​adapted to your needs. Since you can eat it at snack time, for dessert or just after your workouts, it will become an essential part of your days, even the busiest ones. Great for filling up on protein while indulging yourself, Light Digest Protein Cookie is the perfect snack for athletes and all active people looking for a quality relaxing moment. Thanks to its perfect composition, it will be the ideal gourmet snack for your well-being.

Besides their ​​rich nutritional intake of fiber and protein, these protein cookies have a delectable and savory taste that you will not want to do without. With all these reasons, wait no longer to indulge yourself with QNT’s Light Digest Protein Cookies without feeling guilty. Succumb today to their sweetness and their many benefits to your well-being.

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Chocolate Chips, Salted Caramel, Mix

Individual | Box of 12

Individual, Box of 12