QNT Light Digest Protein Bar 55g – Box of 15


  • 36% high quality protein
  • Low in sugars
  • Contains fibers
  • Guilt-free snack


Wait no longer to discover the new great tasting Light Digest protein bar with its optimal composition. Low in sugars, this bar contains 36% high quality protein and is perfect to eat as a snack or after a workout. Enjoy a moment of pleasure and relaxation with the Light Digest protein bar which is available in 2 savoury flavours, white chocolate and blueberry / white chocolate and peanut while ensuring a high quality nutritional intake. Easy to consume and convenient to take anywhere, this new product in QNT’s Light Digest range has an ideal formula for combining performance and flavour with the heart of a low-calorie chocolate bar.

Despite a tasty chocolatey texture, the Light Digest protein bar is very low in sugars. We wanted to offer a healthy and efficient snack without making any compromises on the taste. Different from the classic industrial bars filled with sugars and fats, the Light Digest bar offers delicious flavours in a protein snack which will go in harmony with your body and make the perfect partner for your workouts and your most hectic days. Whatever sport you play, this new Light Digest bar’s proposed protein intake will be beneficial to help muscle repair, tone and growth. This food supplement has also proven to be a very effective appetite suppressant which helps with weight control.

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The protein in the Light Digest bar is a key element in helping your muscles develop optimally. This nutrient is absolutely essential to the body and especially to the muscles which is the main engine of your body. Protein is the essential element for muscle fibre growth, tone and repair. In short, whether you are an athlete or not, adding protein to your diet is the key to help you achieve your goals and guarantee an effective result.

Consuming a Light Digest protein bar after a workout will allow you to take full advantage of its 36% protein that will directly nourish your damaged muscle fibres, allowing them to rebuild faster, denser and stronger. In fact, the metabolic window that opens after a workout is when your protein absorption capacity is greatest. In addition to being a tasty snack, the Light Digest protein bar proves to be a perfect alternative to post-workout shakers.


Protein is useful for both muscle support and tone, reducing muscle soreness and improving overall muscle health. However, consuming good quality protein is also very helpful as part of a weight loss program. Indeed, this real fuel for the muscles directly nourishes the lean body mass and at the same time promotes the loss of fat mass. In addition, consuming protein promotes a feeling of satiety which helps regulate and maintain the desired weight. The Light Digest protein bar turns out to be the perfect extra to accompany you in your efforts to lose weight.


The Light Digest protein bar stands out not only for its modern design, practical size and delicious flavours, but also for its optimal composition for all lovers of sport and body care. Because of its very low sugar content, it is possible to consume this protein bar at any time of the day without ever having to feel guilty. Whether it is just after working out to make the most of its nutritional intake, or simply as a healthy and tasty snack, the Light Digest protein bar has its place in your diet to make you radiate pleasure and health every day.

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