QNT Kick Drink


  • Energy drink for body and soult
  • Contains 660 mg of Guarana extract
  • Contains a total of 105 mg of caffeine per 250 ml bottle
  • Boost effect for better performance


  • 105Calorie(s)
  • 12 x 250 mlWeight
  • 105 mgCaffeine
  • 660 mgGuarana
  • 0Par quantité


We are proud to present you the latest of our novelties with KICK, an energy drink with a boost. In an ideal size of 250 ml, this new drink will provide you with all the energy you need to face your days and workouts in an optimal way and without slowing down. Available in two delicious flavours, lemon and raspberry, this refreshing drink is the ideal partner for active people who want to boost their energy to help them achieve their goals. This mind and body stimulating drink will help you keep up in your workouts and be more powerful and effective by keeping your head clear and without loss of concentration.

With its formula enriched with an extract of guarana seed (Paullinia Cupana) and anhydrous caffeine, our new KICK drink guarantees you a rapid and long energy supply to support you during your most intense sessions or to keep you powerful all day long. Easy to consume and convenient to take anywhere, KICK contains only 115 kcal per 250 ml bottle. An explosive new formula, a refreshing drink with a great taste and explosive effect, KICK is sure to help you reach your full potential.


What sets KICK drink apart from others on the market is its highly concentrated naturally explosive formula with 660 mg of guarana and 105 mg of caffeine. Get ready to feel a boost that will make your goals explode !

Guarana is a plant of South America widely used in the medical and sporting field for its many beneficial properties for the body. Its active ingredient is caffeine, which is two to three times more present in its seeds than in those of coffee. Mainly known for its stimulating action, it acts on both physical and mental energy. Indeed, guarana significantly helps to stimulate vigilance, concentration, but also general cognitive faculties. Thanks to the action of caffeine, guarana stimulates the central nervous system and thus helps to reduce fatigue and fight drowsiness and sleepiness. This natural stimulant will therefore help to improve concentration while providing a tremendous boost to your body. Known for its fast action, guarana acts as a real energy boost, chasing away all traces of fatigue and sharpening your mind for more performance during workout sessions or to take on a long day at work.

Besides guarana, KICK also contains 105 mg of anhydrous caffeine for an even more explosive result. Caffeine is the most consumed psychoactive substance in the world. Discovered in 1819 by German chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, it is actually consumed since the Stone Ages for its stimulating properties. Today, the average European citizen consumes about 6 kg of coffee per year. A real stimulant for the central nervous and cardiovascular system, caffeine, like guarana, provides a significant energy gain and a significant support for concentration. The caffeine in the KICK will help you to continue training without slowing down while stimulating your performance. In order to combat as best as possible against the temporary tiredness, the reduced motivation or to keep the mind as clear as possible during the workouts, the combination of guarana and caffeine in the powerful drink KICK will be able to bring you an explosion of energy to take your workouts to the next level.

However, while guarana and caffeine provide an undeniable energy boost, it is the sucrose in KICK that will allow the effect to last. Sucrose allows in particular the production of glucose, the basic fuel of our cells. Thanks to the 27 grams of sucrose in the KICK drink, the production of glucose will allow your body to have access to new reserves of available energy very quickly. But that’s not all, because the sucrose will also be stored in the body in the form of glycogen. By building up these muscle glycogen reserves, your body will store available energy over the long term. KICK drink with its strong combination of guarana, caffeine and sucrose will undeniably help you to stimulate your energy in an explosive and long-lasting way to enable you to achieve your full potential.

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