QNT Iso Whey Metapure Protein Water Drink – Wild Berries


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  • Helps to promote lean, toned and defined muscles
  • Helps enhance muscle repair and recovery
  • Zero carb
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You wish to obtain an ideal contribution in protein of high quality while refreshing you? Discover without further delay the Iso Whey Protein drink with wild berries. This ready to drink drink, containing almost no sugar and lactose, allows you a contribution of 20 g of whey protein isolate. It is the flagship drink of the Metapure range, the purest protein on the market. Thanks to its numerous benefits, its addition to your daily routine will allow you to reach your goals.

With its formula exclusively composed of ultra filtered whey protein isolate, this extremely refreshing drink will provide you with all the proteins and amino acids you need to build and maintain your muscle mass. Convenient and easy to take with you, this drink will be the perfect solution to accompany you after your workouts. Including a natural content of BCAA, this drink will be the ideal complement to help you in your post-workout recovery. You will have understood it this drink, ideal association between performances and flavour, will quickly become the essential partner of your trainings.


Each bottle of this Metapure drink allows you to take 20 g of protein. As its name indicates, this drink is from the Metapure range and is therefore composed of whey isolate, a protein ultra filtered through its modern manufacturing process at low temperature. Consequently, this protein is free of carbohydrates, fats and contains almost no lactose (less than 1%). Being in its purest form, this protein will allow your body to benefit from a crucial contribution of this nutrient which plays a crucial role in the construction and the development of muscular tissues.

During a training session, your muscles face various shocks. Following this sports session, your muscle fibers, highly solicited, will suffer micro-cracks. In order to repair and rebuild your muscles and gain muscle mass, a protein intake is essential. Taking a ready to drink Iso Whey Protein right after your training will allow you to fill up on protein, this essential fuel for your muscles to develop in the best way.


The Iso Whey Protein drink also contains an ideal content of amino acids. Those present in this drink are the branched-chain amino acids, called BCAA (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine). Since the body cannot synthesize these essential amino acids on its own, they must be supplied through the diet. Particularly useful for the muscles, their contribution contributes to the muscular reinforcement. Indeed, the BCAA preserve the integrity of your muscular fibers by supporting an optimal synthesis of proteins within the muscles. Moreover, their action will contribute to accelerate the process of recovery after an effort. They will also help you during your most intense training sessions by reducing fatigue. .


With Iso Whey Protein drink you allow your muscles to fill up with nutrients that will help you reach and exceed your goals. Consumed directly after training, it will provide you with the right amount of protein and amino acids needed by the body. It is therefore the perfect ally for all athletes wishing to gain muscle mass or maintain their muscles.

Its practical and easy bottle format allows you to take it with you in your bag to accompany you during your sports sessions or to face your most intense days. Moreover, its liquid format will facilitate its absorption for an ideal assimilation of its 20 g of protein. Easily digestible, this drink is ideal for the maintenance and the muscular growth and will help you to tone up your daily life. Don’t wait any longer, and adopt this drink too, ideal for taking your results to the next level.


Water, whey protein isolate (milk), acidifier: E330, sodium citrate: E331, sweetener: E955, potassium sorbate: E202, colours: E150d, E122, E102, E133, flavour, sodium benzoate: E211.

Contains milk.


/500 ml /100 ml
Energy 70 kcal 14 kcal
Fat < 0,5 g < 0,1 g
– Saturates < 0,5 g < 0,1 g
Carbohydrates < 0,5 g < 0,1 g
– Sugars < 0,5 g < 0,1 g
Proteins 20 g 4 g
Salt < 0,5 g < 0,1 g


1 bottle daily between meals.

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