PURE By Leap Nutrition Maltese Multiflora Honey 400g




Introducing our exquisite multiflora honey, a pure testament to our commitment to fostering a harmonious relationship with nature. As part of our esteemed project PURE, we take pride in sustainably cultivating honey bee colonies in their natural habitat. Nestled amidst the serene rural surroundings of Mtahleb, located on the scenic Western Coast of Malta, our apiary provides a sanctuary for our colonies of Apis mellifera. Cultivated using modern beekeeping techniques, we place the utmost priority on maintaining the health and well-being of our bee populations.

Crafted with love and care by dedicated beekeepers, this premium grade multiflora honey is a remarkable product that reflects the diligent foraging efforts of our honey bees. Derived from the blossoms of wild clover, rosemary, lavender, milk thistle and a variety of other wild plants located in an area untouched by herbicides and pesticides, this pure honey retains all its natural goodness. So, savour each golden drizzle, knowing that every drop encapsulates the harmonious collaboration between humans and nature.