PURE By Leap Nutrition Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL


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Project PURE is  a permaculture project whose mission is to re-create natural habitats through the cultivation of harmonious human relationships with mother nature.

The ultimate goal is to offset the carbon footprint generated by the daily operations of our warehouse. We are doing this by cultivating our land situated on the western coast of the Maltese Islands. As a result of the project we get to extract natural products from our land. We are thrilled to launch our first product Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottles.



Our olive groves are located at Mtahleb, situated at the Western Coast of Malta. The trees are predominantly of the Maltija variety which is one of the four cultivars endemic to the Maltese Islands.

We proudly present olive oil, made exclusively from centenary single variety olive trees. Our olive oil is remarkable for its intense, green, bitter and spicy flavour, making it an imperative seasoning in any Mediterranean dish. Our olives are hand-picked and cold extracted upon harvest, ensuring a perfectly fresh olive oil with the lowest acidity level and flawless quality.

This product should be stored away from light and at room temperature.



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