Olimp Peanut Butter Sauce 250g


  • Natural composition – 100% peanuts!
  • Contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass (protein)
  • Great addition to salty and sweet dishes
  • No palm oil
  • Amazing flavor and perfect texture

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Natural composition – 100% nuts! 24 g of protein in 100 g of the product. Amazing flavor and perfect texture! Finally, a great addition to salty and sweet dishes. This peanut butter will diversify your daily diet and “boost” the taste of many dishes, snacks and desserts. Taste Olimp 100% Peanut Butter Sauce!

Peanut butter cream manufactured in the modern Research and Development Center of Olimp’s pharmaceutical company is an ideal solution for those who follow a healthy and balanced diet. Olimp 100% Peanut Butter Sauce has a completely natural composition – 100% of peanuts with valuable nutrients. Olimp’s product is a great source of protein. It also contains a lot of dietary fiber and has a high-fat content.

Another adventage Olimp 100% Peanut Butter Sauce’s is excellent taste. Make the most of it by preparing delicious dishes, desserts and healthy snacks that will boost your daily diet! Check how delicious protein pancakes can be with Olimp Sport Nutrition peanut cream spread on them. Surprise your friends and prepare chocolate cookies or protein ice cream with the addition of Olimp 100% Peanut Butter Sauce surely they will not be able to resist! Olimp nut cream is a real feast for the palate!

Olimp 100% Peanut Butter Sauce – advantages

  • Natural composition – 100% peanuts
  • 24 g of protein (per 100 g of product) that contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Delicious flavor
  • A solid portion of dietary fiber
  • No palm oil


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