Olimp BeetNox Shot 60mL


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Physical condition is important for athletes training in strength and endurance sports. So if you are a running enthusiast (especially sprints), play football, hockey, basketball or enjoy intense bike rides, include the BEETNOX Shot beetroot juice by Olimp Sport Nutrition in your daily supplementation!

This is a dietary supplement that contains high-quality concentrated beetroot juice (from powdered beetroot concentrates) rich in nitrates (NO3) – 400 mg (standardised to medium content). In an acidic environment, these compounds are partly converted into nitric oxide (NO).

The BEETNOX Shot beetroot juice by Olimp Sport Nutrition is a dietary supplement:

  • ready to drink – you don’t have to mix it with water or another beverage, which certainly makes it convenient,
  • easy to use – before use, all you need to do is shake the glass shot vigorously, twist off and drink the contents of the ampoule,
  • in liquid form, which ensures excellent absorption of nitrates,
  • with universal application – the shot is recommended for both amateur and professional adult athletes, particularly involved in strength and endurance sports.

BEETNOX Shot is another dietary supplement in an eco-friendly ampoule, which is hitting the market as part of the campaign ECO option – a good choice conducted by the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories. For the sake of the environment, we are replacing plastic shots with glass ampoules. The quality remains consistently high! Glass is chemically inert and preserves the high quality of the substances present in the dietary supplement. In addition, the glass shot looks much better compared to the plastic ampoule.

The shot is small, so you can always carry the beetroot juice supplement with you. The glass ampoule does not take up much space in a training bag or backpack. It can be easily stowed in a pocket or handy bag.

It is recommended to take 1 ampoule (60 ml) per day, one hour before the planned workout. Shake the glass shot vigorously beforehand. Oral hygiene products should not be used during this time.

To take full advantage of the ingredient in the BEETNOX Shot, it is recommended that the dietary supplement is taken every day for at least 6 days.

Taking care of the high quality of dietary supplements, the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories uses premium ingredients, which are subject to purity analyses, including microbiological tests and heavy metal content tests, at the modern Research and Development Centre of Olimp Labs . So you can be sure that when you reach for BEETNOX Shot beetroot juice in a glass ampoule, you get a proven product that meets strict quality standards.

Olimp Lab Beetroot Juice Shot is a dietary supplement. It must not be treated as a substitute for the diet, but only as a valuable addition to a balanced and healthy diet.