KFD Vitamin D3+K2 Plus 200tbl


  • Vitamin D is needed
  • for normal development of teeth and bones
  • contributes to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus
  • reduces the risk of osteoporosis in the elderly
  • increases physical strength

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NOTE – due to the tightening of the rules, the maximum dose of vitamin D3 per 1 portion to 2000 units. In order for the clients not to change their mind, the product now includes a prescribed dose of vitamin D3 and K2, but they contain as much as 2 x more tablets and is at the same price 🙂

KFD Vitamin D + K to supplement damage up to 4000 IU. (100 mcg) of vitamin D3 and 100 mcg of natural vitamin K2 Mk-7 (from natto) in 2 tablets.

Vitamin D is necessary for connection to bones and teeth. It also participates in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
Its deficiency can lead, among others for rickets – involving bones and teeth, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases (eg multiple sclerosis), cancer, as well as the process of making the aging process.

Vitamin K is the most experienced and fit ill person. Its deficiency can lead to heart disease and increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Advantages of using KFD Vitamin D + K:

– Lower risk of osteoporosis in elderly age.
– physical input.
– Positive impact on mobility and functioning of joints.
– Lower risk of cancer, diabetes, depression and heart disease.
– Vitamin K in the form of K2 Mk-7 is the most assimilable.
– Small coated tablets are perfectly swallowed.

It is recommended to consume 1 portion (1 tablet) per day. Take the tablet whole and drink it with water.