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KFD Premium Collagen+ is a new high-quality dietary supplement designed for those who suffer from afflictions of joint and periarticular structures (ligaments, articular capsules, cartilages, tendons, bones), or who want to take preventive care over their joints, skin, hair and nails.

Plus edition is enriched with:
– MSM – 1500 mg per dose!
– Boswellia Serrata extract – 250 mg per dose.
– Vitamin D3 – 50 mcg per dose.
– Vitamin C – 1000 mg per dose.

Product does not contain such components as glucosamine sulfate which beneficial impact was not proven despite ongoing tests and researches (link).


– Contains MSM, Boswellia Serrata extract, maximal allowed dose of Vitamin C and D3 which have regenerating, painkiller and anti-inflammatory function. 
– Contains 40 per cent more of collagen and 50 per cent more of hyaluronic acid than other products available on the market.
– Component used in production is the most expensive collagen manufactured in Germany and available on the market. Odor free and with no unpleasant taste.
– Refined natural flavours, with no artificial additives. 
– 100% natural colouring – black carrot extract.

In comparison to KFD Collagen, increased amount of foam may appear on the surface due to the high Boswellia Serratacontent; small lumps may also gather on the top. Taste of the PLUS edition is also less delicious. Our company use only the best ingredient: standarised to contain 65% boswellic acid which is the most expensive of stock available on the market.

Package Quantity: 400 g
Portions: 20

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