KFD Ashwagandha K-66+ Forte 115 Tablets


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Ashwagandha is traditional Ayurvedic plant recommended for stress relief and nervous system alleviation. Widely known as an Indian ginseng due to similar health properties.

Ashwagandha 66+ from KFD contains KSM-66, which is a full-spectrum extract, with the highest concentration of all major root only extracts.

KSM-66 is an extract made by Ixoreal Biomed, created in a process that took 14 years of research and development to develop and refine. KSM-66 is the best ashwagandha extract on the world market today in the sense that it is the highest concentration full-spectrum extract available today. It is produced using a unique proprietary extraction process, based on “Green Chemistry” principles, without using alcohol or any other chemical solvent.


Cellulose filler, ashwagandha KSM-66 root extract (standardized to 5% vitanolid), anticoagulants: magnesium salts of fatty acids and silicon dioxide, glazing agents: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and polyethylene glycol

The whole tablet contains: 400mg of ashwagandha extract (of which vitanolides 20mg)

Suggested use:

It is recommended to consume one serving (1/2 tablet) per day. The tablets should be consumed with water.


This dietary suppplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.
It should not be consumed by children under 14 years of age, pregnant women, people suffering from kidney or liver disease, or those who are hypersensitive or allergic to one or more ingredients.

Contains sweeteners. Do not exceed the daily recommended dose.

Storage instructions:

Store in a cool, dry place.


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