Ironmaxx Vegan Mince – 150g bag


  • Versatile vegan mince as an optimal meat substitute!
  • 150g ready mix in connection with 300ml water for 450g vegan minced meat!
  • Free from lactose, gluten, preservatives and flavor enhancers!
  • High protein with 37g protein per 100g ready mix for mince
  • 15g fiber per 100g ready mix for a long feeling of satiety!
  • Long shelf life compared to real minced meat!
  • Quick and easy vegan/vegetarian ground beef preparation!

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top taste

Not only strong values, but also an irresistible taste that invites you to melt away.

high protein

High percentage of high quality protein. Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass.


With this product we completely do without animal ingredients. 100% vegan with 100% taste!

Minced meat is also vegan with IronMaxx®

There are now vegan alternatives to numerous animal products. In a long development and optimization process, we have created an absolute classic for you, which can be used in many ways: The ready mix for hack! How about a vegan Bolognese, a vegan lasagne or vegan meatballs, for example? With the vegan minced meat from IronMaxx®, this idea becomes reality! The ready mix for mince is a perfect plant-based alternative to animal mince. It tastes and looks like the animal original, only without the associated animal suffering and more sustainable. Take a stand against factory farming and opt for the healthier, plant-based alternative! The protein sources of the vegan/vegetarian ground beef are pea protein and sunflower protein. Textured pea protein gives the minced meat substitute a meat-like structure, beetroot juice powder a meat-like look and coriander, cumin, garlic, onion powder and salt paired with a smoky flavor ensure the incomparable minced meat taste.

Enjoy this vegan minced meat even when you are on a diet!

Normal minced meat made from beef, pork or a mix usually has a fairly high fat content and is therefore not suitable for low-fat phases. You can use the vegan minced meat from IronMaxx® for diet phases without hesitation. It knows how to convince with a low proportion of saturated fatty acids (1.3g per 100g ready mix). In addition, it only contains 0.9g of sugar per prepared 75g serving. This excellent veggie minced meat is characterized by its high protein status. You take in 37g of protein for every 100g of ready-made mince. Proteins have positive effects on the human body, namely they contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, as well as to the maintenance and increase of muscle mass. This product also contains plenty of dietary fiber (15g of dietary fiber per 100g). They give you a long-lasting feeling of satiety! With this ready mix for minced meat, IronMaxx® has completely dispensed with the addition of allergen-containing ingredients, artificial colors, preservatives, flavor enhancers and sweeteners.

Test the vegan meat substitutes from IronMaxx®

IronMaxx® can now proudly present a wide range of vegan products. This also includes vegan meat alternatives. In addition to the ready mix for minced meat, which is extremely versatile, the ready mix for burgers and the ready mix for meatballs are very sensible alternatives to the original. These high protein foods not only impress with their excellent nutritional values ​​and a meat-like taste, but also with their simple and uncomplicated preparation. Mix the 150g dry mix very easily with 300ml water and you have the desired 450g vegan mass, which you can either shape into patties or meatballs or fry directly into minced meat.


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