Ironmaxx Protein Pancake Vanilla


  • Delicious meal with over 65% protein
  •  With> 2g of sugar per serving
  •  Perfect basic care for muscle building and muscle maintenance
  •  Fast and clean preparation in a shaker and a coated pan


Ironmaxx Protein Pancake Vanilla


Ironmaxx Protein Pancake Vanilla provide four protein sources from whey, calcium caseinate, egg and soy provide an optimal basic amino acid supply with 65% protein per serving . This breakfast is an optimal carbohydrate source and energy source in the morning and arms your muscles for the daily and physical stress of the coming day.

Insulin levels under control

In the morning, the insulin sensitivity of the cells is relatively low. Especially then should be resorted to foods that have low effects on blood sugar levels. Therefore, the pancake blend was developed based on buckwheat flour , which has a particularly low glycemic index and does not unnecessarily increase insulin levels .

Shake it, bake it!

For quick and easy preparation , it is recommended to mix 50g protein pancake powder with 150g cold water in a shaker to make a dough. Use a coated pan (ceramic, teflon) to save unnecessary calories caused by adding frying fat. Raspberries, blueberries and strawberries , which also have a low influence on insulin levels, are recommended as a tasty recipe tip.

Preparation & Consumption Recommendation

Process 50g of powder + 150g of cold water into a dough and bake in the pan at medium temperature.

IronMaxx® Protein Pancake is suitable as a snack for weight-conscious and athletes.


Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass. A balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Keep away from heat, moisture and sunlight.


Per 100 g Pro 50g
energy 1618 kJ / 387 kcal 809 kJ / 194 kcal
fats 4.7 g 2.7 g
of it saturated 1.1 g 0.6 g
carbohydrates 17 g 8.3 g
of which sugars 4.0 g 2.0 g
protein 68 g 34 g
salt 1.6 g 0.80 g