Ironmaxx Flavour Drops


  • Calorie free sweetener with flavor
  • Sweetened with sucralose
  • Available in many exciting flavors
  • With easy-to-use pipette

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Flavor Drops by IronMaxx® give you a whole range of tasty, varied flavors. It’s like chocolate and vanilla, or exotic fruits like melon and mango, it’s something for everyone. Things like quark, yoghurt and taste-neutral protein want to turn into a real treat.

Flavor without calories

The product wins a lot of points for its easy dosage. Using the included pipette, the correct amount of sugar, fat or carbohydrates.

Ideal for every opportunity

Regardless of your exercise goals Flavor Drops give you a fantastic taste without any calories, and thanks to their cellphone packaging, they can be enjoyed on the go. You can add that special something to your food anytime and anyplace.

Recommended dosage

5-10 drops, 250 ml each of drink or 250g of food.


For food; do not eat diluted.


Water, flavor, sweetener (sucralose)

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