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CM 2: 1 Ultra Strong can now be your new booster for an effective workout. L-citrulline is a semi-essential amino acid that achieves a long-lasting increase in your performance during physical exertion, has a stimulating effect and ensures a faster regeneration of the muscles by reducing the toxic ammonia in your body. The result: blood circulation-promoting properties that contribute to the efficient supply of your muscles, improved pumping and a clear focus on your training goals. The citrulline malate in this formula has been balanced to the ideal ratio of 2: 1 . The amount of malate in CM 2: 1 L-citrulline in the body. The boost during training can mainly be attributed to the involvement of citrulline in NO and L-arginine synthesis or metabolism (see also: “citrulline effect” below). The formula is sugar-free and contains no carbohydrates. With less than 0.5% fat per 100g, CM 2: 1 Ultra Strong is more or less fat-free.

With our CM 2: 1 Ultra Strong, we have for once done without adding flavours. It’s a pure booster formula . Prepared with a serving of 3g of powder in a shaker with water or your favourite drink and taken approx. 30 mins before workout, you get the “extra kick” for your power and muscles, that is, for a strong, effective workout!

The advantages at a glance:

  • L-citrulline malate in an ideal ratio of 2: 1
  • Improves muscular performance
  • Stimulates NO synthesis as a pre-stage of L-arginine
  • Increases blood flow (vasodilation)
  • Improves muscle regeneration by reducing ammonia
  • Stimulating, motivating effect
  • Reduces fatigue symptoms

Citrulline effect

Citrulline malate has a positive effect on the blood flow which results in a better transport of nutrients, oxygen and glucose in the body thanks to its vascular dilation (vasodilatation) properties. The long-lasting, increased performance is the citrulline effect that bodybuilders, athletes and martial artists use to their advantage. The fact that the effect lasts longer than with pure arginine supplementation is due to the multi-step degradation process in which citrulline is converted to arginine and then to nitric oxide (NO). L-Citrulline has to enhancing and Prolonging effect on the degradation product arginine, so did more and more NO can be produced over a longer period of time, Which in turn leads to vascular dilation, to enhanced supply of the muscles and Ultimately to the Desired pump effect. In addition, the conversion of citrulline to arginine takes place in the liver with a certain time-delay, resulting in a level of arginine that can be maintained at a stable level for a longer period of time. Thanks to this interaction (synergy), these two amino acids are responsible for both the stimulating effect and the positive impact on your performance. A further effect of L-citrulline that should not be underestimated is the reduction of symptoms of fatigue.


Product details | Allergy alert

Sugar free. Low fat. May contain traces of gluten, milk (including lactose), soy and egg.


Give 3g of powder (1 heaped teaspoon) and 250ml cold water in a blender bottle and shake for 20 seconds. Drink 1 portion pre workout.

Nutritional Value

Per 100g

Energy  – 377 kJ / 87 kcal

Fat  –  <0.5 g

of which saturated –  <0.1 g

carbohydrates –  0 g

of which sugar –  0 g

protein –   <0.5 g

Salt –   <0.01g

L-Citrulline DL-Malate  –  100 g

-of which L-citrulline –   66.7 g


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