Ironmaxx 100% Whey Protein – 2.35kg

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  •  High-quality protein powder whey with essential amino acids
  •  Protein shake whey with all three BCAAs
  •  Effective, almost body intake
  •  Low-fat preparation with water
  •  High solubility


Protein powder whey

Our protein shake with strong whey power

It’s in the milk!

There’s a lot to say for milk: full of best protein! Today, neither professional sports can do without protein shakes with whey , or rather, whey protein.

You need a good protein powder for your shake? Our IronMaxx® protein powder whey is the brim with good, essential amino acids – with all of them! The formula was especially developed for the fast delivery of your muscles – and for mixing with water. This way, you can forget about unnecessary, fatty acids and calories that come with milk. The protein powder whey is excellently water-soluble so there’s no clumping, just stir and you’re done!

Whey does it!

As a bodybuilder, fitness, martial arts or endurance athlete, what we desire in a protein shake is the pure protein. To be precise, in the protein powder whey , we are only interested in the protein derived from whey. The IronMaxx® protein powder with whey protein contains essential amino acids , as well as the three BCCAs ** , that can be used to treat your muscles without having to be synthesized in your liver!

Therefore, protein shakes with whey are 100% pure power for the buildup and recovery of muscles – assuming the protein powder is of high quality. The protein powder produces a refreshing, water-based protein shake without the unnecessary fats and calories of a milkshake. A special indulgence are the 30 flavors as the classics vanilla, strawberry or pineapple as well as the new ones tasting of peanut butter caramel, latte macchiato or chocolate mint.

This is whey powered with flavor!

** BCAAs: Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Quality standards of IronMaxx®

In the year 2012, IronMaxx® was awarded a prize for excellent food from the state of NRW. Which were full of distributors of protein powders and innumerable dietary supplements. As a Producer of Efficient Sports Nutrition, we were not aware of our responsibilities concerning the health of our customers. Now and in future we are committed to guaranteeing the highest standards for the development and production of our products.

Product details | Allergy advice

Aspartame free, gelatin free, gluten free, no yeast, no preservatives. May contain traces of egg, lupine, soy and gluten.

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