German Forge BCAA Lemon 500g


GERMAN FORGE® BCAA supplies a high percentage of BCAAs at an unbeatable price. With a ratio of BCAAs of 2:1:1, one portion contains 1500mg isoleucine, 750mg leucine and 750mg valine and thus offers a good supply of the important muscle amino acids.

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BCAAs + Glutamine Powder – the classic drinking powder

BCAAs and glutamine are usually offered in capsule or tablet form. With the BCAAs and Glutamine Powder you now have the opportunity to ensure a customized intake of the 4 most important amino acids , without having to swallow large quantities of capsules or tablets. In addition to 6000mg BCAAs and 1000mg L-glutamine per serving , the drinking powder was enriched with vitamin B6 . It is great for a low carbohydrate diet because it contains only 0.1g of sugar per serving . Especially during diet and definition phases in bodybuilding , a sufficient supply of BCAAs and glutamine is important to protect the muscles and not to overtraining.


BCAAs + Glutamine: Why are these 4 amino acids so crucial?

The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine and valine , together with L-glutamine, are by far the four most important amino acids for building muscle . All athletes and people who want to gain muscle mass and strength will find in BCAAs + Glutamine Powder the perfect nutritional supplement . Especially these 4 amino acids are able to influence the protein synthesis favorably and to promote muscle growth and muscle maintenance, as numerous sports studies, health claims and studies have shown. Immediately after exercise, the body has a particularly high need for BCAAs and L-glutamine.

Facts about BCAAs + glutamine:

To 35% of the muscle consists of the three BCAAs amino acids L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. L-Glutamine accounts for over 50% of all free amino acids found in muscle cells. The intake immediately after the training affects the muscle particularly favorable. A sufficient amount of the four most important amino acids should be ensured so that muscle growth can begin.

The contained protein carries

– to an increase in muscle mass
– to maintain muscle mass

The contained vitamin B6 contributes

– contribute to a normal energy metabolism
– to a normal protein and glycogen metabolism at
– to reduce fatigue and fatigue


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