Body Attack Shot Wildberry Flavour 60ml


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Body Attack Shot Wildberry Flavour 60ml

Body Attack Shot Wildberry Flavour 60ml

Practical pre-workout booster SHOT

With patented L-citrulline (CitruSyn®)

Extra focus with caffeine + taurine

Hard Shot for explosive Pump! Want a pocket-sized pre-workout booster? But watch out! These shots have a lot to offer. Do you? Then you´re ready for a level of energy and performance that will set you apart from the usual gym-goers. Here comes the ATTACK SHOT! The best workout booster that will make your fingers tingle and your barbells bend. Only the best ingredients such as beta-alanine, patented L-citrulline (CitruSyn®) and caffeine work here as a stimulant. Train harder with maximum focus!
ATTACK SHOT is the right choice for supporting the following goals:

  • Muscle building and maintenance
  • More intensive workout sessions
  • More strength gain