Body Attack Protein Bites


The Healthy Snack with a good bite! A pre-workout snack with 30% whey protein in a creamy low in sugar treat!



The Healthy Snack with a good bite! Are you looking for a chocolaty treat with lots of protein for in between or as an ideal pre-workout snack? The Protein Bites are just that. 30% whey protein meets healthy peanut butter filling, coated in fine chocolate. Creamy, low-sugar and in a practical snack box with three bites each: the happy snack – your muscles will also be happy.

Ingredient: Sugar-free chocolate (50%) (Sweetener (Maltitol), Cocoa mass, Emulsifier (Soy leci- thin), Highly de-oiled cocoa powder, Natural flavouring (Vanilla)), Sugar-free nut filling (50%) (De-oi- led peanuts (16%), Vegetable oil (Palm, Palm kernel), Whey protein blend (30%) (Pasteurized whey, Vegetable oil (Sunflower), Sweetener (Maltitol), Vegetable oil (Rapeseed), Emulsifier (Soy lecithin). May contain traces of gluten, other nuts, sesame and eggs.

  • 30% high-quality whey protein
  • filled with peanut butter
  • low sugar muscle-building snack


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