Body Attack Peanut Butter – 1KG


  • Peanut butter with 30% protein
  • Natural from 100% peanuts
  • Incomparably creamy taste

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Spoons out! We have the absolute nut-have for you! The finest spreadable protein. As spread, for baking, cooking or pure from the glass. Incomparable in taste. Our Protein Peanut Butter, that is 100% peanuts. Natural and vegan.

Protein Peanut Butter is the right choice for these purposes:

  • Muscle growth and maintenance
  • Diet
  • Healthy, protein-rich and natural nutrition

For whom is our Peanut Butter suitable:

  • For athletes who like creamy protein
  • For nutritionally conscious people who avoid additives
  • For vegans who like it nutty and creamy
  • For all peanut butter junkies



And by us. Tastes heavenly and you know exactly what´s in it, 100% peanuts. That´s it. For best taste and healthy eating.

Hmmm! Peanut butter homemade

We bring the pure peanut flavour into the glass. Without genetic engineering. Without additives. We deliberately avoid sugar, salt, flavourings or palm oil. Our Protein Peanut Butter is a natural product. You will love it.

Peanut butter makes you fit. That´s why the spread is so healthy. Whether calcium, magnesium, zinc or iron, valuable vitamin B or E – peanuts achieve top nutritional values that are good for your muscles and bones, strengthen your immune system, keep your energy metabolism on the go and reduce fatigue.

If these are not enough arguments for three large spoons of spreadable peanut butter, the protein content will convince you. Our Peanut Butter Deluxe contains 30% protein. For you, your muscles and your crunchy astral body.




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