BeKeto Keto Double Chocolate 40g


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✔ Healthy fuel for your body and mind!✔ Quick and healthy keto snack
✔ High in protein
✔ Provides a feeling of fullness

Keto Baton™ Double Chocolate is an incredibly chocolatey bar that you will love from the first bite! Delicious, healthy, gluten-free, and made from the best-selected ingredients. High in protein (contains the highest quality protein isolate) and low in carbohydrates, Keto Baton is your ticket to the keto world. Reach for it whenever you feel like a delicious and sweet snack. Take it with you to the gym, to work, or on a trip.

  • High in protein and low in carbohydrates
  • Incredible texture, melting in your mouth, will satisfy your desire for sweet
  • Clean Label = no surprises. As always with BeKeto
  • It does not contain sugar and at the same time tastes really amazing
  • It contains only selected keto ingredients
  • It will provide a feeling of fullness when we do not have time to prepare a meal during the day