BeKeto Keto Cookie Coconut & Almond



✔ Rich in healthy fats, fiber, and protein 

✔ Satisfies sweet cravings

✔ Provides a feeling of fullness

✔ Perfect snack during the day

Keto Cookie Coconut & Almond are healthy, delicious, and unique. More than 50% of the ingredients are coconut meat and almonds! This is the perfect snack that will satisfy your cravings, especially thanks to the low number of carbohydrates and organic almond flour. Perfect for morning coffee, lunch break, or dessert. These are the perfect keto cookies that, if consumed properly, will not throw us out of ketosis. Fall in love with your new favorite keto snack!

The only Keto Cookie in the world with a completely clean label. Fall in love with the taste of almond and coconut
It contains no sugar and tastes amazing. Gives you energy and is rich in healthy fats
Very rich in healthy fibre – up to 21.5 grams per cookie!
Contains only 2.5g of naturally occurring sugars. Ideal for low carbohydrate and keto diets
Rich in natural fibre, which speeds up metabolism and reduces body fat
Provides a feeling of satiety when there is no time to prepare a meal during the day