Beketo Keto Bread – Baking Mix 300g


✔ Incredibly delicious, gluten-free and protein-rich
✔ As much as 23g of healthy fats per 100 grams of product
✔ BeKeto Super Bake Guarantee!
✔ Only 1.25g of carbohydrates per slice
✔ Nutritious and filling

Keto Bread – Baking Mix is perfect for anyone for whom breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The smell of fresh keto bread in the morning is the best aroma you can imagine. The delicious gluten-free Keto Bread made by you will taste insane when paired with Keto Jams and Creams. Fun – make it yourself! Or with your family! Bake something TOGETHER! As well as tasting amazing, it is also rich in protein which will guarantee a feeling of satiety.



Only 1.25g of carbohydrates per slice. Ideal on the Keto and Low-Carb Diet

Delicious Self-Made Bread – a taste of traditional bread

Fun – do it yourself! Or with the family! Bake something together! BeKeto Super Bake Guarantee!

As much as 23g of healthy fats per 100 grams of product

It blends perfectly with Keto Creams and Jams

Clean Label, or clean label = no surprises. As always at BeKeto

Bake the perfect Keto Bread in 8 easy steps. Allow the bread to cool and enjoy the delicious taste.

Use as a substitute for regular bread. Can do everything that classic bread can do 🙂

Sweet, for example with keto cream. In a dry version with avocado, egg, salmon or your favourite meat.