Alkalinecare Greens


The most complete green smoothie, with 16 vegetables and plants that help balance the pH of the body and deeply nourish it. 16 Alkaline Greens is the most nutritious green smoothie.

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Alkaline Greens

Alkalinecare Greens is a super green food, made of mashed avocado, cucumber, broccoli, fennel, spinach, parsley, combined with 10 other ingredients that make it a unique product in the market. In addition, it is formulated according to the effect that has on blood plasma through the live blood analysis.

Alkaline Greens

Take Alkalinecare Greens on a regular basis since it helps to:

  • provides minerals, vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients that help improve the quality of cellular nutrition.
  • strengthen nails and hair.
  • balance the weight.
  • keep young, soft and smooth skin.

They are also available in sachet format for you to carry them with you wherever you go.

How do the Alkaline 16 Greens work?

It is made on the basis of green plants that have been dehydrated at low temperature to preserve all the nutrients of live food. In order to get 220 g of product, 5.7 kg of vegetables, fruits and fresh green shoots are required. Therefore, Alkaline 16 Greens is an optimal way to get the raw green food the body needs to vitalize its cells and hence the whole organism.

Chlorophyll and heme molecules, the centre of blood hemoglobin, are essentially identical in structure. This makes green foods are great blood precursors. A healthy blood indicates a healthy body.

The Alkaline 16 Greens help us stay more alkaline, boosting our energy and vitality. They are a good detox for the body, helping revitalize people with low level of energy, fatigue or discouragement and also facilitating our body to balance weight.

The Alkaline 16 Greens have the following quality seals:

How do I take it?

Take 1 to 3 scoops (2-6g) per day, diluted in a glass of water (250ml) according to your own needs. A dispenser is included in the package.

For athletes, when feeling down, high levels of physical exertion, it is recommended 2 to 3 times daily.

Take Alkaline 16 Greens diluted in water, room temperature or cold. Do not ever use hot water as its properties could be lost. If is taken once a day, it is recommended early in the morning in empty stomach.

If more doses are taken it is recommended to ingest them before meals diluted in a large glass of water. In addition, they can be added to your smoothies or fresh vegetable juices if you want to add an extra alkaline boost.



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