6PAK Vitamin D3 90 Tabs


Vitamin D3 contained in the supplement helps in the proper functioning of the immune system, in maintaining healthy bones and teeth, and in the proper functioning of muscles.


6PAK Nutrition Effective Line D3 2000 is a dietary supplement in the form of capsules containing vitamin D in the form of cholecalciferol.

Important vitamin D

Vitamin D is often called “sunny” (because it can be produced in the skin under the influence of sunlight), although in fact it is a prohormone that performs various functions in the human body. Sufficient levels of vitamin D are essential to support the musculoskeletal system, and its presence is needed for the proper absorption of minerals (especially calcium). It is well known that reduced amounts of vitamin D are a worldwide problem, occurring in both developed and less developed countries. Vitamin D in the body comes from skin biosynthesis caused by ultraviolet (UVB) radiation as well as from food sources. Exposure to sunlight is considered the main source for the majority of the population, while in the absence of sufficient sun exposure, vitamin D becomes an essential nutrient (Žmitek et al., 2020). It is worth bearing this in mind when we want to supplement our daily supplementation with vitamin D.

Vitamin D and physical activity

The classic action of vitamin D – which is inactive in itself – is due to the function of the active metabolite calcitriol. These actions take the form of regulating serum calcium and phosphate homeostasis and, consequently, the development and maintenance of bone health. Various available scientific publications report that the role of vitamin D in calcium regulation and bone function is well documented. In a 2015 paper, the author (Bubbs) states that new research highlights the potential role of vitamin D in athletic performance and recovery through its possible effects on protein synthesis, muscle function, immune response, and regulation of lean muscle mass.

Valuable properties of vitamin D

Vitamin D is widely known to help the immune system function properly. In addition, it supports the proper absorption / use of calcium and phosphorus, in maintaining the proper level of calcium in the blood, and thus also in maintaining healthy bones. What is also important, vitamin D helps in the proper functioning of muscles and in maintaining healthy teeth. It also participates in the process of cell division.

It should be remembered how important vitamin D is for the human body. 6PAK Nutrition Vitamin D3 from the Effective Line is a great choice! In addition, the packaging is very efficient – enough for 3 months of supplementation.

NOTE: Before use, it is advisable to perform a 25-(OH)D test in the blood and consult the test result with a doctor or pharmacist.


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Recommended intake / preparation:

Take 1 capsule a day without chewing, with a sufficient amount of liquid, during a meal or immediately after a meal.

6PAK Nutrition Effective Line D3 2000IU – 90 caps.
Helping: 1 caps.
Servings per container: 90
Packaging: 90 caps.
Net weight : 45.00 g
Nutritional value / nutrition information: For 1 caps. % NRV*
Vitamin d 50 μg 1000%
Ingredients: maltodextrin; capsule shell (gelatin)B / (glazing agent – hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)C, anti-caking agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids); vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).B,C See the symbol after the production batch number.

May contain the unintentional presence of milk derivatives, soy, gluten-containing cereals, eggs, peanuts and other nuts.